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Pruning Tools

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Pruning Tools

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Tool Care Tips: 

Clean and sharp tools are a must for good pruning.

  • To sterilize pruning tools, mix 1 1/2 cups of bleach and 2 gallons of water. After each cut, dip the pruner or saw into this solution before starting the next cut.

  • Clean and oil tools after each use to avoid spreading pests and diseases. Sharp tools cut better, and are kinder to your aching muscles!

Here are the most commonly used types of pruning tools, together with the main purpose for each tool.

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Anvil Pruner

anvilpruner.jpg (81x81 -- 2742 bytes)Best for cutting woody stems or dead wood up to 3/4 inch in diameter. Usually lighter in weight and are easier to sharpen.
Hedge Shear

hedgeshear.jpg (81x81 -- 2711 bytes)Primarily used for shaping ornamental hedges. The scissor-like cutting action is very easy to use. Some have serrated blades to prevent foliage and small stems from slipping away during the cut.

Bow Saw

bowsaw.jpg (81x81 -- 2298 bytes)A good choice when no obstruction exists. This saw can make quick work of medium and long pruning jobs.

Lopping Shear

loppingshear.jpg (81x81 -- 2487 bytes)A pruner with a long handle for extra leverage to cut branches up to 2 inches thick. They come in bypass and anvil style, too. Will cut a branch closer to the trunk.

Bypass Pruner

bypasspruner.jpg (81x81 -- 2772 bytes)The bypass is ideal for cutting soft stems up to 3/4 inch in diameter. It is also recommended for roses. Allows cutting closer to the trunk of the plant, which means quicker healing of the bark. Also allows a close, clean cut without crushing the end of the twig or limb. Great for cutting flowers too.

Pole Tree Trimmer

poletreetrimmer.jpg (81x81 -- 2549 bytes)Useful if you have tall trees. This trimmer has a cutter blade operated by a lanyard or rope pulled downward. The best poles are in sections that fit together in a telescoping fashion and have a combination cutter and saw. Be aware of the material cut overhead and wear head and eye protection.

Grass Shear

grassshear.jpg (81x81 -- 2374 bytes)Similar to the hedge shears except they are smaller and designed for one-hand operation. Cut and trim grass along walks, drives and near trees where string trimmers can damage and even kill shrubs by damaging the bark.
Pruning Saw

pruningsaw.jpg (81x81 -- 2033 bytes)The basic pruning saw can be either straight or curved. Most gardeners prefer the curved blade that cuts on the draw strokes. Recommended for medium work too large for a lopper and where the bow saw is restricted by obstruction.

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