Pond Plants

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Ponds and Water Gardens
Pond Plants

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Popular Pond Plants by Type


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Hardy Water Lilies

Denver -  A creamy white bloom with many petals.  It is a very prolific bloomer.  One of the best blooming new varieties out. 

Arc-en-ciel- a pink bloom with magnificent foliage.  The Leaves are colored pink, red, green, gold and various mixes.

Walter Pagels- Small bone white blooms with true green leaves.

Pink Beauty- The medium pink flowers are darker in the center and become lighter on the edges of the petals.

HermineMedium, pure white bloom with bright green leaves.

Pink Sensation- Medium light pink blossoms. Late to blossom, but great all summer! 

Mayla-  It has beautiful, large, hot fuschia pink blooms with dark green leaves.

Charlene Strawn- The lemon yellow blooms are held above the water surface.  The flower is slightly fragrant.

Rembrant- Wine red bloom.  Leaves are maroon to dark green. This is a medium size water lily.  

Texas Dawn- A vigorous grower that boasts blooms in profusion. 

Charlies Choice-This water lily is a small and for perfect for a small garden.  The blooms are a soft red. 

Helvola- A true pygmy water lily.  The small yellow blooms are approximately 2 inches in diameter.  The leaves are mottled with maroon.

Perry's Baby Red- A small lily with dark red blooms.  This is one of the longest blooming water lilies.

Joey Tomocik-  The richest yellow hardy water lily, holds flowers high above the water like a tropical water lily. 

Gloriosa-  Small red, gorgeous blooms. 

Okechobee Yellow-  Very large lily!  Light yellow bloom, huge lightly mottled leaf. Great cover plant. 

Laydekeri Fulgens-  A must for red lily lovers!  Vibrant red blooms with delicate green leaves.  Small. 

Sultan-  Beautiful red bloom.  Bright green leaves. 

Barbara Dobbins- A very large bloom which flowers freely.  The petals are a salmon to dark peach color. 

Little Sue-  Fades red to white.  Super bloomer.  Small

Beautiful creamy peach bloom, great summer bloomer.

Indiana-  A small lily which changes dramatically over a three day period from pink, orange, to red.  Excellent for tub or container gardens.

Colorado- This is a larger water lily, best for medium to large ponds.  The blooms are a salmon color and constantly produce blooms. 


Baby Doll- A very small white lotus, perfect for small gardens. It blooms better than most varieties.

Baimudan- A very double white bloom, a very good bloomer.

Momo Botan- This small variety of lotus has red flowers resembling a peony.  It does well in a small garden or tub.

Blue Girl- A white bloom with pink tips and veins.

Double Rose- A large lotus with a beautiful pink flower that has a double bloom.

Grand Slam- A red very double bloom on this beautiful lotus.

Mrs.Perry Slocum- A large lotus with a beautiful flower that changes from pink to a creamy color

Little Drunken Fairy- A single petaled pink flower, very delicate and beautiful.

Red Bowl Lotus- A red double blooming lotus that fades to white.

Pink Bowl Lotus- A pink double petaled bloom.   It is a profuse bloomer.

Small Jade Mansion- This lotus is a white double flowering dwarf lotus.

Sparks- A very good red blooming lotus.

Yangzhah Bowl- A small pink bloom with red veins and tips.

Young Chow Lotus- A single petal red bloom that is magnificent.

Oxygenating Plants

Floating Plants

Anacharis- fernlike

Water Milfoil- featherlike

Cabomba- grasslike

Green or Red Hygrophylla- leaflike

Moneywort- leaflike

Sagittaria- grasslike

Ludwigia- elongated rosette form

Vallisneria- grasslike


Floating Fern



Water Lettuce

Water Hyacinth



Green Stem Taro- light greed edges on leaves

Red Stem Taro- solid green leaves

Imperial Taro- dark green with light ribs

Jade Taro- Ruffled edges on leaves

Water Snowflake- fuzzy petaled flowers

New Zealand Water Snowflake- smaller profuse flowers

Variegated Water Snowflake- chocolate and green patterned leaves

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