Mirtha's Birthday Bash

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Our Garden Gang Presents...

Mirtha's OGG Birthday Bash!

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Dearest Gardeners:

I just can’t believe it’s two whole years already since the inception of Our Garden Gang!  We are now in our terrible twos…well maybe not so terrible!  I think it’s pretty darn good if you ask me!  We are going to throw a birthday bash like you’ve never seen before (at least on the Internet) so sit back, grab your favorite refreshment and read on…..

Of course it’s going to be a costume party - so put on your Birthday Suit!  Come as your favorite OGG character, garden pest or plant.  If you wanted to dress as Debbie The Seed Queen, just pin seed envelopes all over your body and you’re all set!  For an Auntie costume, just carry a rose around in your teeth, have a laptop slung over your shoulder and a garden implement in every pocket.

Mirtha Stuwort

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My favorite subject! Use your favorite sandwich filling and cut flower shapes out of the sandwiches. It’s just soooo special!

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Mouse-over Dirt Cake

Use brand new clay flowerpots, or if you have to, use plastic, and fill with assorted party snacks, like chips, pretzels, trail mix, popcorn, etc. For an extra special tablecloth use some fake grass like Astroturf. It comes in such luscious colors like gray, green, brown, and my favorite, a lovely shade of blue turquoise.

Here are the favorites of all true gardeners:  DIRT CAKE (Oreo cookies are the secret here) and WATERMELON BOMBE.  Remember to serve the youngsters first to get them out of your hair!

Bubble Wands

From "Bubbles" of Odd People comes this great idea!

Bubble’s Bubble Solution:
  10 cups water to 4 cups dish-washing liquid, plus 1 cup Karo corn syrup. Don’t eat it though!

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bubble wands

To make small wands - use 18-gauge cloth-covered wire cut to a length of 15 inches. Bend the wire into a lollipop shape, securing the end of the wire where the loop meets the handle with a dab of glue. To make a star, divide the circle into five even increments, then crimp with pliers. To make a heart, crimp only the top center of the circle. A tin can, with its top and bottom removed, also makes great bubbles.  Carefully trim any sharp edges, dip one end in solution, and pull through the air to make one long bubble.

Decorate with Sea Shells

Want a summer craft to keep you busy? How would you like to make an easy shell wreath? This is courtesy of Debbie The Seed Queen. 


Different sizes, shapes and colors of sea shells
12 – 18" Willow wreath form
White craft glue
Glue gun and Glue sticks for glue gun
Spanish moss

shellWreath.jpg (160x168 -- 6075 bytes)
Mouse-over DTS's wreath

Spread some white craft glue liberally onto the willow wreath form. I suggest using both the craft glue and the glue gun because the glue gun glue will hold it instantly but the craft glue will stand up better to temperature fluctuations. Especially if this is going on a door – you don’t want all your shells to fall off. If it’s going inside the house, the glue gun is just fine.

Attach the Spanish moss until you have an ample amount covering the top of the wreath. Next start gluing your shells all around the circumference of the wreath, leaving an opening for the bow. Make a bow out of natural colored raffia and glue onto the topmost part of the wreath. If you have an unusual shell or a crab claw, glue that onto the top of the bow. You could even make miniature ones with those little tiny wreaths and some small shells.

You can use the same approach to decorate mirror edges or create shell fridge magnets.


For an entertaining game after the refreshments have been served – how about a "Whack the Puter Piñata!" I know you want to do that sometimes – we all do! Here’s how:


14-inch balloon
2 old padded bras
(of course we'd have to borrow some)
Cloth tape
Newspaper, cut into 1-by-6-inch strips
Wheat-paste powder
Strong white paper
(20-pound copy paper works well)
Spray mount
Craft glue
Tissue paper in several colors
Rotary cutter
Self-healing mat

Utility knife
Large needle or piece of wire
Tissue-paper streamers
Strong cord
Candy, treats, and small prizes, for stuffing

1. Inflate the balloon, and coax it into a round shape by wrapping it with cloth tape. Set it aside.

2. Make paste: In a medium bowl, mix 1 cup wheat-paste powder with 4 1/2 cups water. Dip newspaper strips one at a time into the paste, and place them on the balloon, overlapping the strips slightly, until the balloon is completely covered. Let dry overnight. Strategically place the cups (just the cups) from the padded bras to make four corners and repeat the newspaper strip process at least twice more for a total of three or four layers if needed.

compinata.jpg (140x120 -- 2947 bytes)
Computer pinata

3. To complete the piñata, use a utility knife to cut a small trap door near the top. Make two vertical cuts 3 inches apart, and connect them with one horizontal cut at the top to create a flap; fold the flap back. Using a piece of wire or large needle with a length of strong cord attached, punch two holes at the top of the piñata, and pull the cord through the holes. Knot the cord above the piñata, leaving enough to use for hanging.

4.   Paint the piñata to resemble a computer monitor with the letters OGG prominently displayed on the "screen" of course. . Fill the piñata with a selection of candy, treats, or prizes; push the flap back into place, and hang your piñata.

If we really did get together in the "Real" world I would probably see Magisark blowing bubbles at Emom and DTSQ chowing down on the Dirt Cake and Auntie blindfolded trying to whack the piñata! GG would be serving the tea sandwiches and Robin would be serving the whine, er, I mean wine for all to enjoy.  The rest would be carrying on so much that we would scare HighPlainsDrifter and Happy Herb away with our "unique" sense of humor. But it would be a blast!

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Happy Birthday OGG!

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