Mirtha's Christmas 2000

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      Our Garden Gang Presents...

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Dearest  Gardeners:

"A Merry Mirtha Christmas"

Ho, Ho, Ho and jingle my bells!  Itís time for the Mirtha Stuwort Special Christmas Page!

Fa la la la la Ė la la la la!  Well enough of my singing, letís get to work making treats for ChristmasÖ

Decorations, gifts from your kitchen, presentsÖ. Where shall I start?  Letís do some decorating shall we?

Mirtha Stuwort  

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Have one of your assistants go into your private woodlot and cut your very own Dogless Fur Christmas tree, like the one I'm climbing above!  (Hover your cursor over my picture to see the finished tree!)  If it's too tall, donít worry!  Just cut it to the proper height.  But, keep the leftover branches to decorate your fireplace mantle.  Use fallen pinecones, acorns, chestnuts to accent the mantle.  You could either spray paint them or dip in glue and glitter for a festive arrangement.  

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If you were really crafty like my friend Robin of OGG, you could even fashion a beautiful wreath made from dried and preserved items.  One of Robin's lovely wreaths is tucked in behind the fireplace above!

Gifts From the Kitchen

Did you know that the Garden Gangís recipes originally came from me? Yes itís true!   Try some of these wonderful treats!  Make my purrfect Pepper Relish

Take one of your preserves that you canned at harvest time (like the ones nestled behind my pepper relish below)  and cover with a hand-crocheted lace or pretty fabric circle.  Tie a raffia or ribbon bow around the jar.  You can make a gift tag from last yearís Christmas cards.  This way you can save some money and then spend it on the latest Mirtha Stuwort magazine.

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Presents ON the Tree!

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Now did you remember to harvest your seeds at the end of the season?  Good for you!  Think of the not-so-good gardeners on your list.  Wouldnít they like some special seeds from your garden?  Of course they would!  Pick some of your favorites and put them in envelopes decorated by a Christmas stencil or a potato print!  Just like you did in school with a cut-up potato and some paint.

Now Iím not one for spreading rumors but Iíve heard from a reliable source Ė that instead of ornaments,  Debbie The Seed Queen hangs packages of seeds on her Christmas tree!  LOL!!!

YOUR Christmas Present!

And for that very special present that YOU deserve, point your hubby here to get you my perfect Mirtha Kitchenbot - for a mere $9999.99!!  There's a close up behind the full size bot.

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I hope these tips have helped you plan a perfect Mirtha Stuwort Christmas, oops - I mean - 

Merry Christmas!

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Now THAT's how to have a Merry Mirtha Christmas!

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