De-stress with Mirtha and Rita

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Our Garden Gang   Presents...

De-stress with Mirtha and Rita
The Thelma and Louise of Beauty!

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Here we are after our de-stressing.  YOU could look like this too!  Well, maybe not...

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Mirtha and Rita - our Thelma and Louise of Beauty!

Dearest Gardeners:

Goodness knows we are all feeling stressed out in today’s imperfect world (especially me!)  So I have invited back our dear friend Rita.  She is most commonly known as Red Black’s better half.   And I do mean ‘better’.


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Stressed Mirtha

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Lovely Rita

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Go Soak Yourself!

Mirtha:    So glad you could come back to us with some more great tips.  What would you suggest for me?

Rita:  Well thanks Mirtha.  Um….Mirtha…aside from a really good lawyer, I think any one or more of these would do wonders for you.  But how about we start off with a nice relaxing soak in the tub?

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Mirtha gets soaked - 
mouseover to see her before...

Just run yourself some nice warm bath water and add a cup of Epsom salts and a couple drops of blue food coloring. The Epsom salts contain magnesium chloride which is said to draw out excess water weight.  The blue color will refresh your senses.
Mirtha:  Oooo….that sounds so good Rita.  I think a nice box of Swiss Chocolates would top it all off!

Rita:  Remember sugar is not good for you my dear.  But…try this facial scrub to de-stress yourself.  Mix a handful of sugar and enough vanilla extract to form a paste.  Apply to your damp face and scrub, and then rinse well.  It’s the smell of these that will soothe your frazzled nerves.

Mirtha:  So far Rita, you’re two for two.  I am feeling better already.  But I need something for my puffy eyes.

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Mouseover cucumber
 eye mask for the
 'before' picture!

Rita:  Have I got a tip for you then!  Grab a cucumber – and lay a slice on each eye.  The puffiness will diminish and the scent of the cucumber increases your mind’s sharpness and thinking capabilities.

Mirtha:  So for so good there Rita!  What’s next?

Rita:  Let’s concentrate on hair for a bit shall we?  Um….Mirtha…when was the last time you changed your hairstyle?

Mirtha:  Well….it’s been a few years.  But I like this one….it’s kinda like a trademark for me.

Rita:  Ok…er…I see….well let’s just perk up what you already have then, shall we?

Mirtha:  Lead on – Oh great and fruity one.  I am in awe of your expertise.

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut..  

Rita:  O my…..that is a compliment coming from you Mirtha.  But speaking of fruit, grab your favorite and let’s get going.

Mirtha:  Yes I am looking a bit drab lately so what would you suggest?

Rita:  Next time you wash your hair (soon, I hope), take a spray bottle and fill with a cup of distilled water and 1 tablespoon lemon juice and spritz on your damp hair.  This works for you since you are a blonde(?) but for redheads use orange juice. (Yes orange juice!).  And if you are a brunette, use some crushed and dried rosemary.

nuts-coconut.jpg (239x143 -- 4613 bytes)
Mouseover for when
you feel like nut..

Mirtha:  Ooooo….purty!  Hey Rita – want to know how I de-stress my hair?

Rita:  Well….ok.  (Do I really want to know this?)

Mirtha:  Ahem…it’s not that bad!  I just rub a tablespoonful of coconut milk into my hair after shampooing, and rinse out.  The scent of the coconut is supposed to uplift your mood and boy do I need that right now!

Rita:  So I guess you could say that sometimes you feel like a nut…

Mirtha:  …And sometimes I don’t!  Well my dear Rita, you’ve proven yourself once more.  You are truly a magician!  I feel less stressed already.  Thank you ever so much!

Rita:  You are very welcome – I sure had my work cut out for me though!

Remember stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

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