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My Heart Belongs to Daddy

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Dearest Gardeners:

It's now time to think of that special man in your life. No, I don't mean Harrison Ford. (Sigh) Though thinking of him ain't such a bad idea, eh ladies? I really mean your father. After all, he did play some part in bringing you into this world. And if you were lucky, he was there to guide you through your formative years.

So, since Father's Day is coming up, we thought it might be nice to bring back the founding father of duct tape himself, "Red Black".

Mirtha Stuwort
Red Black

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Mirtha: Welcome back Red!

Thanks Mirtha, I had a great visit here last time!

You're more than welcome Red. Tell us a bit more about your style of parenting.

I call it the 'no-frills' style. Just plain old common sense.

No-Frills Parenting

Mirtha: Oh I get it! Just like the time your son wouldn't listen to you and you took away something he badly needed. To see what Mirtha means click here.

Red: Right Mirtha! And it sure did the trick. I had his attention after that! Now he's grown and a father himself. Payback time!

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Mirtha: Did you have much the same problem with your daughter?

Red: Yes, for sure. She went through her rebellious phase. But if you start your children off with a good foundation, meaning a mixture of firmness and love, in their younger years. Then when the 'earth-quakey' teen years come along they will be able to withstand the shocks that life will throw at them.

When they were very young, they thought Rita and I knew everything. Then when they became teenagers they thought we knew nothing. Now they have come to realize how much we actually do know.

Mirtha: Wow Red - those kids are sure lucky to have you and Rita as parents.

Red: And Rita and I are lucky to have them too.

Dad's Day Gift Ideas

Mirtha: Red, I have a great gardening gift idea for all the dads out there.

Red: Hmmm.a case of Colorado Koolade? (Coors Lite)

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Mirtha: Naw, but you could include it as part of the gift though! I was thinking...why don't you give your dad a brand new wheelbarrow full of grass seed, fertilizer, gloves, leaf bags and assorted garden goodies. And of course their favorite refreshment. Ooops, I almost forgot. How about a gift certificate for a tune-up on the lawn mower?

Red: that sounds great Mirtha! But a brand new riding lawn mower would be even better! I wrecked our old one last year when I tried to turn it into a street sweeper. Let's just say duct tape and lawn mower blades are not very compatible!

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Red's favorite gift
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Mirtha: Oh Red - when will you ever learn?

Red: Probably never my dear.

Mirtha: Well at least you are a good father!

Red: Aw thank you Mirtha, I try.

Mirtha: Well our times up Red. I would like to wish all the Dad's out there a "Happy Father's Day".

Red: And a new lawn mower!

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Happy Father's Day!

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