Mirtha's Thanksgiving 2000

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   Our Garden Gang   Presents...

 Be Thankful for MIRTHA!

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Dearest  Gardeners:

Have a Mirtha Stuwort's Thanksgiving!  I will show you the proper way to carve a turkey, how to decorate your table and entertain children with your vegetables!  Plus, I've shared a couple of the true Mirtha Stuwort Thanksgiving Recipes from the vaults of OGG!

Mirtha Stuwort  

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How to Carve A Turkey

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If one of your assistants won’t carve it for you, try this:

Before carving, lift turkey up by its wings and dance him (or her) around the table!  This will entertain your guests before they fall into a stupor (caused by the secret chemical in turkey that renders people useless after a big turkey meal).  Remember, always use a wooden cutting board like I do!

If the wings fall off during the turkey dance, so much the better! If they don’t - use your handy dandy Mirtha Stuwort carving knife, (available in all fine department stores!), to gently sever the wing from its body. Do this to all four turkey appendages.  Then gently and lovingly slice off succulent pieces of turkey breast meat.  Do the same with the juicy moist dark meat and arrange on your imitation antique platter.


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Before putting your raked-up leaves in your composter, lay a layer of them on your tablecloth.  Hollow out a small portion of a mini-pumpkin and insert a candle.  Use your Mirtha Stuwort dinnerware set and your table is complete.


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Now what is one of the things that people usually do on Thanksgiving – THINK! Hmmm… they watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV!  But how about having one of your own?  It will keep the little darlings amused for hours.  You can hollow out vegetables and gourds to make the floats and use children's action figures and dolls for the crowds.  The kidlets will have fun and you can cook the floats afterward.  Very practical!  Try Auntie's Cranberry Squash recipe!


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Try Robin's famous "Turkey in a Bag".  As you fall into your Thanksgiving stupor, remember to watch my Christmas special, "Rudolph and Frosty Meet Mirtha".  It’s never too early to start thinking about the next big holiday.  I know I will!!!

When your guests begin to revive a couple of hours after dinner - remember:  there's ALWAYS room for jello!  Try my "Jello Lime Salad."

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Celebrate the season with these festive tips, and your
friends and family will be grateful that Thanksgiving
comes only once a year!

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