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Dearest Gardeners:


My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing!  Time to get in a red, white and blue mood!  Well what about our neighbors to the North?  Did you know that "Debbie The Seed Queen", Mirtha’s er, um, "good friend", is a canucklehead? Canadians celebrate "Canada Day" or "Dominion Day" (previous name) on July 1st.  Many bordering Canadian and American cities hold a four-day party called "Freedom Fest" to celebrate jointly!  Debbie says that they do the same things to celebrate.  Partying, BBQ’s, partying, fireworks, partying, music, partying, festivals and more partying…Wow! Maybe I should move up there – it sounds like fun!

Mirtha Stuwort

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It wouldn’t be a patriotic celebration without some sort of flag, now would it?  Let’s make the American flag!  Piece together alternating red and white stripes horizontally. Appliqué a smaller dark blue square in the upper left corner.  On top of that, you can appliqué the appropriate number of stars.  It’s not as difficult as it sounds!  (Really it isn’t.) 

For the Canadian flag, it's a little easier - you only need two red stripes and one white one - but these are wider and go vertically.  Then cut out a lovely maple leaf from red fabric and appliqué it to the center white stripe - and viola, as they say in Quebec, tout finis!

Now, hang your flags of varying sizes from trees, porches, pets, and yes, even the flagpole!

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Of course you need music for a good patriotic celebration.  I just bet the local high school band would fit the bill nicely. Just think of them all decked out in their uniforms, the brass section blaring a rousing Sousa march or the national anthem - Oh Canada or Star Spangled Banner. Wouldn’t they (and you!) be the hit of the party?  And a generous monetary donation to the school would ensure their presence.

You could start your own choir!  Get all the neighbors in on this and warble your way to fame.  Or, you could go with just the kiddies - parents love to see their kiddies performing.  Don't worry, the parents will think the kids sound like angels, even if they're tone deaf.  And, include the local pets - let them do the percussive parts - rather like the background music here.   For that tune, it's not like you have to know the words! 

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How about a costume party?  You could be the Statue of Liberty! The easiest way is of course to rent a costume.  But we can make one for just pennies.  Get some of your old white sheets and dye them a medium green.  Drape them over yourself in a toga-like fashion.  Construct a headpiece from stiff cardboard and paper mache.  A Tiki torch (you know those ones that stick into the ground outside in the summer?) Cut one a bit shorter and there you go!  Instant Lady Liberty!  Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy.

Canadians can dress up like the
Mackenzie brothers  (from Second City TV - they're officially called "hosers").  Get yourself down to the thrift shops and purchase some tatty plaid flannel shirts and old toques and floppy boots.  Surround yourself with Canadian beer (they have very good beer there).  End everything you say with "eh", and you'll be the life of the party!



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Summer is synonymous with barbecuing.  Thick, juicy steaks on the grill, burnt hotdogs (my personal favorite), hamburgers with all the fixings – those are the standbys of any summer get-together.  Potato salad, macaroni salad, and a berry delicious cake would round out the menu.  Here are some recipes!


And there you have it - a patriotic party!

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

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