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Our Garden Gang Presents...

17 Years of Blooming Idiots

bloomingidiots.gif (400x301 -- 348335 bytes)

Blooming counter-clockwise from upper left:  

  • Magisark busting out in the lily

  • Wren the bird in the purple flower below (Wren has gone to be with the Lord)

  • DebbieTheSeedQueen in the iris bottom left

  • Riverside in the red poppy, bottom right

  • Ninjamom in the passion flower above

  • Elliott's Mom in the rose above

  • BygBro the old dog in the dogwood flower

  • Celise in her Maxine phase in the Orchid at top right

  • Auntie Canuck teetering in the middle!

Happy 17th Anniversary OGG!

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