Winter Chores

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Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the garden...

Winter Chores

Lawns and Flower Beds

Check winter mulch and replace if needed

Press heaved plants back into the soil

Avoid walking on frozen lawns

Dreaming and Planning

composition.gif (287x328 -- 37856 bytes) your garden changes and additions

Study mail-order catalogs.

Order seeds, bulbs, and plants for spring

Forcing Spring Bulbs

Pot and chill bulbs for forcing.

Move chilled bulbs indoors for forcing

Shrubs and Trees

Spray broad-leaved evergreens with anti-desiccant

Apply burlap or other shrub wrap to tender shrubs

Remove snow and ice from evergreens

Prune off winter-damaged shoots and branches - bring flowering shrub cuttings in for forcing.

plantstand.jpg (100x122 -- 3262 bytes)Perennial and Annual Seeds

Sow hardy and half-hardy annual flower, vegetable, and herb, and tender annual seeds that require 12 weeks or more indoors for zones 5-7.

Sow hardy and half-hardy annual flower, vegetable, and herb, and tender annual seeds that require 8  weeks or more indoors for zones 8+.

House Plants

pebblesintrayhumidity.jpg (120x90 -- 2500 bytes)House plants need extra humidity - put them on a base of pebbles in a tray filled with water.

Continue to watch for insect or disease damage and take the necessary steps to control the problem.

Cut down on feeding of houseplants.  For those showing new growth, water with 1/2 the recommended strength of a good soluble house plant fertilizer with each watering.

Feed the Birds

heatedbirdbath.jpg (150x96 -- 3560 bytes)Put out your old Christmas tree to provide cover and a place to roost - stick peanut butter balls rolled in nuts, and suet balls onto the branches.

Provide a water source - a bird bath heater will be required for this, and clean and replace water daily.

Keep your feeders full - our little feathered friends burn up a lot of energy trying to keep warm.

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