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Mirtha's Eggs-cellent Easter!

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Dearest Gardeners:

"Hippity, Hoppity, Mirtha’s On Her Way!"

Grab a bunny and my egg decorating kit!  Put on your hat, but make sure the bees are ON your bonnet, not in it.  It’s time to celebrate Easter in Mirtha’s own egg-stravagant style!

Mirtha Stuwort


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Easter Baskets

How about putting together a lovely Easter basket for someone special?  You can start with a medium size basket, (instructions for weaving a lovely one are in my magazine, Vol. 10, Issue 3, pg. 56).  If you don’t want to make your own, I "suppose" you could purchase a suitable one.

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Next step is to line the basket with Easter grass.  Take a shank of raffia (your color choice), and cut it into suitable grass-like lengths.  

Or the cheaper version is to wait for your first lawn cutting of the spring and use the clippings in your basket.

Use the plastic or cellophane grass only as a last resort, but it will not be gracious!  Under no circumstances are you to use any sort of "wacky grass" as then you will have the parents fighting with the kids over the basket!

Bunny Egg Hunt

glittereggs.jpg (90x112 -- 2670 bytes)Everyone knows how to dye an Easter egg so I won’t bore you with that.  Simply purchase my Mirtha Stuwort egg-painting kit and get on with it.  

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But how about an Easter egg hunt?  All the guests are required to dress like bunny rabbits.  Not playboy bunnies mind you!

You and/or your assistants can hide the goodies beforehand with a grand prize going to the bunny that finds the most goodies.  

The prize? A years subscription to Mirtha Stuwort Lives magazine – what else!


Bonnets and Boots

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Easter holidays just wouldn't be the same without a lovely Easter Bonnet!  Naturally, you should weave your own, but if you have to, purchase one from a quality milliner.  Apply silk flowers and ribbons with your handy dandy Mirtha Stuwort brand glue gun.  

For children, skip the store-bought candy bunnies and ducks, and present them with lovely rainboots or raincoats, instead!  For your favorite gardener, substitute the Belgian chocolates with a good quality hand trowel, fork or dibble, or one of those excellent ratcheting hand pruners.

Fudgie Goodies

And what Easter would be complete without some home-made chocolates?  This next recipe is only for people who are related to a dentist or who are anorexic.  This will give you a definite sugar high.  Not recommended for extremely young children.

Mirtha’s Easy Easter Fudge

Prep Time 15 min - Ingredients:

01 bag chocolate chips (Chipits)

0I can sweetened condensed milk

01 ¼ - 1 ½ Cups Icing Sugar

01 ½ tsp. Vanilla

0Pinch salt

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Over medium-low heat, melt bag of chocolate chips.  (Try different flavors of chocolate chips such as peanut butter or chocolate mint to get another flavor).  Add the can of condensed milk and blend well.  Add vanilla and salt.  Remove from heat.  Stir in icing sugar.  (If it is sifted through a strainer, you will not get any white lumps in your fudge).  Mix well.  Pour into a square-baking dish lined with waxed paper or parchment paper.  Put in refrigerator to cool. Cut into small squares.  Wrap one or two up in some clear or colored food wrap and tie with a small scrap of a nice pastel ribbon. Add all of your Easter goodies to your basket:  the dyed eggs, the found eggs, the yummy fudge.  Top the basket with a lovely ribbon bow and there you go!

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Have a fun and Hoppy Easter!

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