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Dearest Gardeners:

Because of the overwhelming response (yes there really was one!) to last month’s installment of Mirtha, I have asked another special guest to join us. Let’s welcome Miss Emily Compost, goddess of etiquette and manners. We will provide you with some cost-effective ways to throw a dream garden wedding.

Mirtha Stuwort
Emily Compost

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The Invitations

Mirtha:  Let’s start with invitations, shall we? You could make your own.  There are some really great kits available now.

Emily:  Yes, a wedding wouldn’t be complete without some lovely invitations.   A well-done hand-made invitation will show just how special this day will be.

Mirtha:  How true, how true…. Here’s a helpful hint:  remember when constructing your invites to tear the paper rather than cut it if you want that country casual look.  Use a hole punch and cut two small holes and insert a dried sprig of your favorite flower and attach it with a ribbon or raffia bow.

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Emily:  Oh Mirtha - how lovely.  I have a cute suggestion too. One of my readers did this for her own wedding.  Her and her fiancé were pet lovers and they wanted to add a special touch to their invitations.  To decorate them, they took one of the pet’s front paws and pressed it on an inkpad, and then on the invitation.  It was really a cute effect.

The Wedding Gown

Mirtha:  Awwww, that’s soooo cute (Too cute!)  Ok now, as for the dress, there are three options.  An older female relative would only be too happy to lend their wedding finery.  You know tradition, and that sort of thing.

Emily:  Tradition keeps the world going round, my dear.  That is a lovely suggestion.  But if that is not a possibility, let me offer this:  go to a discount bridal outlet.  They have beautiful gowns at greatly reduced prices.

Mirtha:  Excellent idea Miss Compost.  Now this third idea is not one of my favorites but it does have its merits.  There are a plethora of vintage and thrift shops around.  You might find a gem.  And remember you don’t have to tell where you bought it!

Emily:  Well as long as no one knows, I suppose that’s all right.

The Flowers

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Mirtha:  Let’s move on to the flowers, shall we?  Any weddings that I throw for my friends always include lots and lots of fresh flowers.

Emily:  But Mirtha my dear, you have all those greenhouses at your disposal!  Not all of us have that luxury you know.

Mirtha:  Ok so how about this?  I know it sounds cheap but – here goes.  Make it mandatory for each wedding guest to bring at least two fresh flowers - one to symbolize the bride and one for the groom.  Then the attendants can quickly set them in vases and viola!  Instant arrangement!  (Well almost!)  Some can be set aside for a quickie bouquet and corsages too!

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Emily:  Well I suppose that is a solution and could really be quite interesting.  (NOT!!)

Mirtha:  On a related subject,…did you know I am coming out with my own line of artificial flowers soon?

Emily:  No I didn’t.  How appropriate for you!

Mirtha:  And what is that supposed to mean?

Emily:  Nothing at all my dear.

The Refreshments

Mirtha:  Hmmm…. well then do you have any suggestions as for food?

Emily:  No, domestic diva, I will leave that up to you.

Mirtha:  Now let’s see.  We don’t want any beef on the menu because of the "Mad Cow" disease.

Emily:  Better not send them to McDonald’s then either.

Mirtha:  I should hope not!  Well, hmmm…..the reception could be B.Y.O.F.  "Bring Your Own Food".

Emily:  No that sounds a little too cheap.  But listen - a lot of people bottle their own wine and beer nowadays.  You could prepare the alcoholic beverages beforehand yourself.

Mirtha:  Ah…the stomping of the grapes, the intoxicating aroma of the vineyard!

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Emily:  Oh ‘get a grip’ dear, I think you’ve been watching too many ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns.  Besides, we still haven’t solved the problem of food yet.

Mirtha:  Ok, Miss Manners.  For the summer garden wedding,  you could cater the reception directly from your garden.  And make your own wedding cake with one of my foolproof recipes!

Emily:  If you really had to, you could use disposable dishware!  And everyone loves a barbeque.

Mirtha:  There are literally dozens of barbeque recipes to please a crowd in the next issue of Mirtha Stuwort Lives. (page 54)

Emily:  And if there are not any vegetarians in that crowd, they could have  barbequed Tofu burgers!

Mirtha:  Well Emily, I think we have covered most of the bases here.  What do you think Miss Compost?

Emily:  I think we have suggested some very interesting ideas for an economy wedding.  Hope you enjoyed it, we have!!!

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Goodbye from Mirtha Stuwort!

Goodbye from Emily Compost      

Happy Garden Wedding!

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