Mirtha's Halloween 2001

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Trick  or  Treat  Mirtha!

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Dearest  Gardeners:

Well which one am I?  The treat of course!  The trick is how to throw a successful Hallowe'en party!  Just follow these tips, and don't forget to mouse-over the pics, and click on them too!

Theme parties are always fun so lets have one of our own!  My Addams Family theme party tips will guarantee a spooky and just a little kooky Hallowe'en dinner party!

Mirtha Stuwort  

thingbox.gif (85x67 -- 3246 bytes) costumes

Easy enough for us ghostly gardeners!  To be ghoulish, just dye anything black!  I always loved Morticiaís dress Ė but she always wore the same one!  I think you would have to diet for 2 years to fit into a dress like that though!  Top it off with a oh so long black wig and youíll be all set.  Instead of your regular face powder, use baby powder for that ghostly glow.  Very bewitching!

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Cousin It

Gomez just needs an out of date pinstripe suit and shirt and tie, and of course a paste on moustache.  If you want to be Uncle Fester, you better be prepared to shave your head and don a monkís robe.  But if you have really long hair, it would be a cinch to be "Cousin It!"  But please donít attempt to be "Thing".  I do not want to be responsible for any decapitations.

Anitorch.gif (82x100 -- 8667 bytes) decorate

Now the decorations will be easyÖjust donít clean for several months prior to the party.  Not a difficult task for many of you, Iím sure!  Of course you can always go to the store and purchase "Cobwebs In A Can."  Black bowlofburningblood.gif (175x143 -- 10204 bytes)tablecloths and bouquets of  dead flowers and stems stems will enhance any table.  Float some red votive candles in a crystal bowl filled with tomato for a "bowl of burning blood".  Very romantic!

Want to make some interesting serving glasses?  Tint some corn syrup with some red food coloring and dip the rim of your glasses in them and turn them upright.  The lovely red should drip down the sides of the glass to resemble dripping blood.  Bloody Margaritas are an appropriate before-dinner drink.

batflyani.gif (130x72 -- 8979 bytes)A great selection of spooky biohazrd.gif (60x100 -- 4413 bytes)Hallowe'en sounds and music playing in the background.  Add lots of plastic bats, insects and chains, and bio-hazard goody bags to ensure that your party will be a ghastly success.

glowingpumpkinani1.gif (75x75 -- 7134 bytes) PARTY GAMES

Want to have some fun?  Here are some guaranteed goosebumps directly from Morticiaís party book!  Youíve heard of bobbing for apples, havenít you?  Well letís bobforskulls.gif (200x88 -- 9957 bytes) play "Bobbing For Skulls!"  Ew - I know it sounds gross but letís give it a try.  A visit to the dime (dollar) store would be in order to pick up some of those little plastic skulls.  Float the little beauties in a large punchbowl filled with Swamp Punch or another punch of your choice. 

cupofbloodani.gif (72x144 -- 41364 bytes) the menu

Oh boy this is making me hungry! Onto the food!  We have oodles of grisly delights in store for you!  See the whole menu!   If you are not too full of punch after bobbing for skulls, how about trying some "Brain Soup?"  Just add some green food coloring while itís cooking or try the same thing with some chicken stock and dumplings Ė devilishious.

If that doesnít tempt your eyeball5.gif (80x60 -- 26986 bytes)taste buds, try some delicious "Devilled Eyeballs":  hardboil some eggs and cut them in half lengthwise.  Scoop out the yolk.  In the cavity, put some cream cheese and top it off with an olive making sure the red pimento end is sticking out to resemble the eyeball5.gif (80x60 -- 26986 bytes)pupil.  If you want it bloodshot, take a toothpick and dip it into red food coloring and squiggle in some lines.  Sounds tasty,doesnít it?  Wash it down with Swamp Punch.

ghoulash.jpg (163x150 -- 4528 bytes)
Mouse-over Ghoulash

And for the main course, what else but that deep, red food "Hungarian Ghoulash!"  Or, for a lighter fare, try "Fettucini Afraido".  For meat lovers, consider "Dreaded Veal Cutlets." These are all frightfully good!

To top it all off we present the epicurian graveyardcake.jpg (200x85 -- 4420 bytes) delight of the party, "Graveyard Cake", and "Cup of Worms", and "Candied Spiders" for the kiddies.  They're fiendishly bootiful desserts.  Ooooh, just thinking about this made me gain 5 pounds!

The Addams Family

They're Kreepy and they're Kooky,
Mysterious and Spooky,
They're altogether Ooky,
The Addams Family.

They're house is a museum,
When people come to see 'em,
They really are a scream,
The Addams Family.


So get a witches shawl on,
a broomstick you can crawl on,
We're gonna pay a call on
The Addams Family!

Have A Happy And Safe Hallowe'en!

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