Mirtha's Halloween 2000


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Dearest  Gardeners:

Hi there all you domestic goddess wannabes!  This issue is packed full of my Halloween tips.  We are going to learn  how to host a proper Halloween party!  

We'll be covering refreshments, costumes, party games, decorations and more.

Keep reading and find out how you too can party like Mirtha! 

Mirtha Stuwort  

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screamghosticon.gif (25x32 -- 2078 bytes)DECORATIONS


Made from willow branches harvested from your back yard and decorated with mini pumpkins and gourds (from your own garden, of course!)


Because, of course, you are such a good housekeeper that there are none in your house!

screamghosticon.gif (25x32 -- 2078 bytes)REFRESHMENTS

Of course you must have the obligatory garlic cake and jalepeno icing.

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For the punchbowl, hollow out a good sized pumpkin and add equal amounts of orange juice, pineapple juice, gingerale or Seven-up. Float an assortment of Gummi worms on the top.

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Create an assortment of finger sandwiches (not real fingers, mind you!). Only use the freshest vegetables for your fillings (cucumber, watercress –only the best!).  Have one of your assistants pick these from your garden beforehand (Remember – no straining!).

screamghosticon.gif (25x32 -- 2078 bytes)DOOR PRIZES

Gift bags containing:

  • Packets of seeds 

  • Mirtha Stuwort Magazine subscriptions

  • An autographed picture of Moi!

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Dry cabbage leaves and run them through your Mirtha Stuwort home laminating machine. You then cut out the holes for the eyes. Wear a green trash bag with some holes cut out for your head and arms.


Glue slices of dried carrot and radish to a plain ordinary (whats that?) mask. Wear baggy clothes and walk with an attitude.


Wear a top which accentuates your (Canadian, that is) hooters. Wear your glasses and carry your laptop over your shoulder. Have a container of garlic cupcakes with jalepeno icing to give out to trick or treaters.

screamghosticon.gif (25x32 -- 2078 bytes)PARTY GAMES

Try these games:

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"Throw A Seed Into A Thimble".

"Pin the Tail On The Seed Queen".  (Use a fresh carrot for the tail!)

"Tater, Tater, Who’s Got The Tater?" (Use cooked potatoes. After the game, have your guests dance on them to "Monster Mash" - saving you precious kitchen time otherwise spent mashing them.)


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Follow these tips carefully, and they will make your Halloween
party a frightening success!

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