Edible Flowers A-D

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Edible Flowers A-D

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Angelica archangelica

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May be skin allergen to some individuals. Good with fish and the stems are especially popular candied. Tastes like: celery-flavored.
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Anise Hyssop

Agastache foeniculum

anise.jpg (90x90 -- 2588 bytes)

Tastes like: sweet, anise-like, licorice flavor.

Malus species

appleblossom.jpg (90x89 -- 2498 bytes)

Eat in moderation; may contain cyanide precursors. Tastes like: delicate floral flavor.

Eruca vesicaria

aruglaflwr.jpg (90x83 -- 2873 bytes)

Tastes like: nutty, spicy, peppery flavor.

Ocimum basilicum

basilflwrs.jpg (90x84 -- 2045 bytes)

Tastes like: different varieties have different milder flavors of the corresponding leaves. Tastes like: lemon, mint.
Bee Balm

Monarda species

beebalmflwr.jpg (100x100 -- 3530 bytes)

Used in place of bergamot to make a tea with a flavor similar to Earl Grey Tea.

Borago officinalis

borageflwr.jpg (90x86 -- 2459 bytes)

Taste like: light cucumber flavor.

Sanguisorba minor

burnettflwr.jpg (90x72 -- 1952 bytes)

Tastes like: faint cucumber flavor, very mild.

Calendula officinalis

calendula.jpg (90x78 -- 2286 bytes)

Tastes like: poor man's saffron, spicy, tangy, peppery, adds a golden hue to foods.

Dianthus caryophyllus

carnations.jpg (90x74 -- 2587 bytes)

Tastes like: spicy, peppery, clove-like.

Chamaemelum nobile

chamomile.jpg (90x90 -- 2484 bytes)

Tastes like: faint apple flavor, good as a tea.

Cichorium intybus

chicory.jpg (90x85 -- 2322 bytes)

Buds can be pickled.
Chives: Garden

Allium schoenoprasum

chives.jpg (90x74 -- 2193 bytes)

Tastes like: mild onion flavor.
Chives: Garlic

Allium tuberosum

garlicchives.jpg (90x81 -- 2567 bytes)

Tastes like: garlicky flavor.
Chrysanthemum: Garland*

Chrysanthemum coronarium

chrysanthemum.jpg (90x84 -- 3166 bytes)

Tastes like: slight to bitter flavor, pungent.
Citrus: Lemon

Citrus limon

citrusflowr.jpg (90x81 -- 2065 bytes)

Tastes like: waxy, pronounced flavor, use sparingly as an edible garnish, good for making citrus waters.

Trifolium species

cloverflower.jpg (90x76 -- 2059 bytes)

Raw flowerheads can be difficult to digest.

Coriander sativum

coriander.jpg (90x84 -- 3139 bytes)

Citrusy biting tang.  Great in Mexican and Asian foods.

Centaurea cynaus (aka Bachelor's Buttons)

bachelors_button1.jpg (90x79 -- 2615 bytes)

Tastes like: sweet to spicy, clove-like.

Taraxacum officinalis

dandelionx.jpg (90x79 -- 2654 bytes)

Tastes like: very young buds fried in butter taste similar to mushrooms. Makes a potent wine.
Day Lily

Hemerocallis species

daylily.jpg (90x83 -- 3048 bytes)

Many Lilies (Lilium species) contain alkaloids and are NOT edible. Daylilies may act as a laxative. Tastes like: sweet, crunchy, like a crisp lettuce leaf, faintly like chestnuts or beans.

Anthum graveolens

dill.jpg (90x80 -- 3256 bytes)

Crisp, grassy flavor.
*Only the petals of these composite flowers are edible. The pollen of composite flowers is highly allergenic and may cause reactions in sensitive individuals. Sufferers of asthma, ragweed, and hay fever should not consume composite flowers, and may have extreme allergies to ingesting any flowers at all.

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