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Seasonal Ade

Plant Problems - beat those bugs, critters and diseases!

Tough plants for tough places - solutions that work.

Perennially Popular Shade Gardens and Roses.

Soil without Toil - Fix it with Organic Ade.

Mirtha Preserves- enable javascript to play with Mirtha.

Try a pond or bog garden.

Garden Planning - get a head start on next year.

Attract Birds & Butters- see the sortable spreadsheet.

Ornamental grass - short or tall, it can be the belle of the ball.

Propagate Your Plants! Cloning's not just for horror flicks any more.

Reap what you sow!

Happy VeggiesHow do you know when it's ready? 
Find out how with our detailed information on harvesting your precious crop of fruits and vegetables in Harvesting Tips.

CompostHow to avoid seasonal defective disorder!
Try container grown plants to fill in those bare spots - move them around as needed. Find solutions with Tough Plants for Tough Places. Start garden planning now for a more beautiful, healthy and prolific garden next year.

Frozen VeggiesSurvive the drought and rising costs!
Preserving your harvest is important this year, with the droughts and shortages looming Learn how to preserve produce to last throughout the winter with our series on Canning Equipment and Processing Tips, Canning and Pickling Methods, Freezing Fruits and Vegetables, and lots moreSunflower Seeds from Big Mama's Kitchen Ade.

SOS - Save Our Seeds! 
Get a good head start on next year's garden with our handy guide to Saving Seeds. The guide includes flower, fruit, vegetable, and legumes.

Dutch Gardens, Inc.

Shop at for your vegetable and flower seeds!

#G5666 free orchids Check the great prices at

Shop at for $25 off your order of $50 or more!

Nature Hills


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Breck's Bulbs

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Frame-It-All raised beds

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Gardens Alive


Jackson & Perkins

Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.


Party Basics


Spring Hill

The Bird Shed

The Shelving Store

Thompson & Morgan

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