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 Ready for H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K?

Half my energy is wasted on random keeping-up!  If that sounds like your place, we've got some cures for that! Around the house, we've got de-cluttering help, home maintenance tips, and ways to save your summer harvest. In the garden, we've got lots of ideas (besides fall chores!) for fall color and bringing bits of your garden indoors. So settle in and take a stroll through Our Garden Gang - see the highlights are below and fall-related links on the left.

Things to do in the garden NOW

● Move and plant trees & shrubs
● Patch and repair lawns
● Prune summer flowering shrubs
● Let flowering shrubs form seeds to stop new growth for winter dormancy

● Take herb & plant cuttings for indoor growing

● Fill bare spots with potted plants

● Watch for fall bulb sales
● Bring houseplants summering outside in on cool nights

Save your Harvest! (And some cash!) Pick fruits and veggies at their peak for preserving. Make them last with the Freezing Chart for fruits and veggies, as well as meats, poultry and fish. Or can it with Basic Canning Equipment and Tips and Canning and Pickling Methods.

Back to School!  It's that time again, so get ready to battle Disorganized Crime. As books and clothing multiply, it's time to Purge and boost your Storage.
There is help with garden furniture, home maintenance and energy saving tips too. And fun too - with parties crafts like Dried Flower Baskets.

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