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17 Years and Growing! 


17 years of blooming idiots!We're Celebrating 17 years of OGG!  And 17 is the year of Roses and Furniture.  How can you go wrong with Roses and Garden Furniture?

Garden Furniture GuideSee all the Rose articles: Selecting Roses, Caring for Roses and Planting Roses.  Want those old fashioned award willing roses? Then visit Rose Winners as far back as 1940, 2008 Rose Winners, 2007 Rose Winners, 2006 Rose Winners, 2005 Rose Winners, and 2004 Rose Winners.

Sit pretty all summer.  Check out the garden furniture basics Guide to get the best types for longest-lasting garden furnishings.  And don't forget to STRETCH as you prep and plant your garden.

Made in the shade! Here's a great selection of plants and tips for getting the most out of your shady garden.

Vines and Roses in Containers? Yes you can - here's how! Container veggies too! Here's all you need to know for sizes and volumes required.

Know Your Salad Greens Grow your salads this year - save your money and your life (no listeria, no pesticides! YAY!)

The Vegetable Garden - brush up on veggie growing basics to improve this year's harvest.


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Fun and Frivolity

Dog Daze of Summer -
"psycho" therapy for hot people!

Spring into Action with Mirtha's Spring Planting Guide ... it will make you feel like a pro in comparison!
Theme Parties - garden parties, crafts parties, bootlegger's ball parties, and MORE
Save that Trash! Let Magi show you how to repurpose just about anything in your garden.

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