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Seasonal Ade

 Nestle in for Winter

As winter and holiday time gets nearer, it's time to dream and plan for next year's garden as winter garden chores wind down. Keep your spirits up with Holiday Houseplants and Forced Bulbs. Plants that summered outside may need to be repotted and they all need some tender loving Houseplant Help.

Things to do in the garden NOW

● Keep perennials, shrubs and trees well watered until freeze-up - especially those recently planted
● Prepare to Winterize Roses
Prune back leggy growth on shrubs and trees to prevent winter breakage
● Start preventing
Plant Problems now

A Winter Garden

● Final Fall Garden Cleanup

● Apply protection to spring bulbs, trees and shrubs Critter Problems

● Prepare mulch for application as soon as the ground freezes

● Do a final lawn mowing and raking
Winterize your Pond

Attract winter birds! Colorful birds bring joy to winter when there is little garden interest. Bring them to your garden, terrace or balcony. Learn how to Attract birds with Bird shelter and water and Shrubs and Plants.

Cook and Carve like a pro with Big Mama's tips for Carving Meat and Poultry, Cooking Methods and more.Have some and fun with parties, crafts with Magi's Bring it on Home, and Mirtha Stuwort.

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