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Seasonal Ade

Kitchen Ade! Food safety & more → does your poop float?

Plant Problems beat those bugs, critters and diseases!

Tough plants for tough places - good solutions that really work.

Perennially Popular Shade Gardens and Roses.

Soil without Toil - Fix your poor soil with Organic Ade.

Mirtha's Patriot Party July 1st & 4th - like you've never seen them before...

Try a pond or bog garden. How-to tips, plant lists, diagrams.

Garden Planning get a head start on next year.

Attract Birds & Butters- get the sortable spreadsheet.

Ornamental grass short or tall, it can be the belle of the ball.

Propagate Your Plants Love 'em and clone 'em.

Magi's Bring it on Home thrifty ideas and fun in the garden.

Get Ready for Summer!

Got seasonal defective disorder? Try container grown plants to fill in those bare spots - move them around as needed. Find solutions with Tough Plants for Tough Places. Check Annuals, perennials and bulbs. See the whole collection of gardens in the Planning series for the long haul. Pick your dream garden from our huge collection of Non-stop Gardens Got plants you love? Propagate Them!

CompostGet down and dirty! Go Beyond Manure, improve your soil - without toil and suck it up with phyto-remediation!  Our dear author "Witch Hazel" has gardened EVERYWHERE as an armed forces wife, and she can teach you how. Then try some Self-Planting gardens.

SOS - Save Our Seeds! Growing heirloom and open pollinated plants this year?  Get a good head start on next year's garden with our handy guide to Saving Seeds. The guide includes flowers, fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!
Summer is the time that ALL things grow - including bacteria and fungi. Don't ruin the party - please observe food safety and proper food storage.

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